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Taste of Oviedo… A Brief History

In 1995, the Greater Oviedo Chamber of Commerce, through the leadership of President Glenda Conley, decided to develop a signature event for the chamber that would highlight the city’s rich cultural heritage. It was then that the Taste of Oviedo was born.

The inaugural Taste opened for business on a gloomy spring morning on the grounds of the historic Lawton House, which formerly housed the chamber’s corporate offices. In fact, the inclement weather that day cast doubt as to whether the event would ever come to fruition. However, as the day wore on, the clouds dissipated and patrons began arriving. It is estimated that nearly 12,000 area citizens attended the first event, which featured 16 restaurants, 24 businesses and 14 artists displaying their wares.

Various incarnations of the event have occurred over the past 17 springs. From venue changes to accommodate our ever-growing vendor requests, to the addition of top-notch entertainment and our beloved Kids’ Taste area, the Taste of Oviedo has witnessed tremendous growth and success, as has our community over the same time period.

We are extremely excited that the newest chamber Trustee, the Oviedo Mall, has agreed to serve as hosts for this year’s “Celebration of Spring!” The new venue has provides a more conducive layout and easier access to parking for our close to 40,000 guests.

In true Oviedo fashion, the Taste Committee has made it a priority to add new features and accommodations that will make the event a more satisfying experience for our many visitors. This year, the new site allows for a more expansive Car Show and many additional covered seating areas so that guest can relax in the shade and eat, enjoy a complimentary massage or listen to the many local entertainers that will grace our main stage.

As the event celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2014, the Taste of Oviedo continues to reflect all that has consistently made Oviedo a “Top 100 Place to Live” and a “Family Friendly” city through furtherance of the chamber’s mission of being an advocate for business and civic interests within our communities.

The Oviedo-Winter Springs Regional Chamber of Commerce

The Oviedo-Winter Springs Regional Chamber of Commerce is an advocate for business and civic interests within our communities. We seek to promote and support businesses and civic interest by being pro-active in our communities and providing a platform for businesses to network and grow.To learn more about the Oviedo-Winter Springs Regional Chamber of Commerce go to

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