Changes in the economy, demographic shifts and the fragmentation of media have all contributed to sponsorship’s growth. Some of the largest factors behind sponsorship’s rise are:

Decreasing efficiency of measured media 
Costs for traditional advertising continue to increase, while ratings and readership decline. On top of that is an even more basic problem: consumers are not paying attention to ads.

Music Festival And Venue Sponsorships On The Rise

MediaPost, September 18, 2015

By Steve McClellan

Sponsorship spending on music tours, venues and festivals is expected to total $1.4 billion in 2015, up nearly 5% from last year, according to IEG, part of WPP’s ESP Properties.

The spending increase outpaces the projected 2015 increase in the overall sponsorship industry—4%—as well as sports (4.4%), causes (3.7%) and other property segments.

William ChippsIEG Sponsorship Report senior editor, points to two factors driving the increased spend: continued interest in national music festivals and a growing appetite for regional festivals, some of which have secured significant deals.

“Music festivals continue to pop out of the woodwork, and many are drawing interest from national brands looking for an uncluttered marketing environment,” Chipps said.

Non-alcoholic beverages replaces beer as the most active category, although Anheuser-Busch replaces The Coca-Cola Co. as the most active sponsor. Coke is now the fifth most active sponsor of music.

One new company joins the most active sponsors list: Uber. The ride share app has significantly expanded its presence on the music festival scene with deals with Live Nation, Lollapalooza and the Sasquatch music fest, among others.

A survey conducted by the International Events Group, the worldwide authority on the sponsorship industry, showed that festivals have a higher audience loyalty than NASCAR or cause-related marketing. The survey indicated that 78 percent of companies agree that participating in festivals has a measurable impact on consumer sales of their product and offers a conducive environment for experiential sampling.

Through an integrated marketing program, our events offer a wide range of sponsorship opportunities to meet a company’s marketing goals through customized programs of on-site branding and broad promotional exposure.


Depending on your level of involvement, your advertising message will be seen throughout the festival’s promotional period. The marketing plan targets the entire Central Florida area. The audience will see your message in a dynamic, unique and attentive environment that will help sell your product or service.

Print Promotion, Online Media, Brochures, Radio, Flyers, Stage Announcements, Billboards, Television Commercials, Website, Banners, Program Guide, Festival Presence are all avenues of promotion.

For more information on the value of sponsorships from IEG, please refer to: http://www.sponsorship.com/About-IEG.aspx


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